England Vs Pakistan ODI at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton 2016

England Vs Pakistan ODI at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton 2016

So yesterday I went to see what was my first live cricket match at a stadium! The experience and incredible atmosphere was certainly more enjoyable than the match. Unfortunately, Ageas Bowl don’t allow DSLR cameras with telephoto zooms or tripods as I was informed when I called them. So I had to resort to my Sony A6000. There were, however, some spectators around with DSLRs so I was a bit gutted given the low light performance on the A6000. Nevertheless, here goes:















The bananas and the gorilla!


Wasim Akram and Nasser Hussain in the commentary box!










At this point, I went into experimentation mode – I wanted to show the motion blur and so used a slower shutter speed with camera pan (without a tripod!) – I guess that Usain Bolt shot was still at the back of my mind 🙂 :







The Englistan wave!


The Professor in action!


Back to the commentary box.


The destroyers! Well played – these two!



Ek parcham ke saaye taale..


The heros you don’t see very often!





Nick Knight – one of my favourite batsmen of the time…


Waz and Naz.


The legend himself!

Waving at us – once we finally managed to get his attention!


Unfortunately the match was stopped due to rain and England won (D/L method) but this was the packed stadium before the rain.

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